Chief Investment Office

In an increasingly complex and interconnected world too many pieces of information might easily become confusing.

How can you detect the ones which are really useful? Which ones can you trust? How can a solid reference point be established?

At UBS we want to be the partner you can count on to invest in a conscious and informed manner. We will question our beliefs every day to offer you new perspectives.

Become our client: you will have access to the best of our research.

Research, analysis and solid processes to invest on a firm foundation

Our Chief Investment Office (CIO) research focuses on market trends, prospects for corporate profits and macroeconomic factors.

The Investment Committee meets every month to discuss and summarize such information as well as to define UBS House View, i.e. UBS strategic vision on markets and investments underlying our investment solutions.

Our figures

  • 900 specialists monitoring markets and investment classes
  • Selected external partners such as business executives, academics and even Nobel Prize winners
  • 14 financial centres - including Milan - to maintain a global overview of financial trends
  • 24/7 coverage of markets and economic scenarios
  • 15,000 fixed-income instruments analyzed every day plus over 30 currencies, 25 raw materials and over 1,800 Companies

Our biggest strength is the combination of our global capabilities and local expertise, allowing us to identify investment opportunities and risks for our clients.

Mark Haefele, Global Chief Investment Officer,
UBS Wealth Management
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