UBS Business University - leveraging learning for success

UBS Business University - leveraging learning for success

The UBS Business University is organized globally, can be virtually accessed anywhere in the world, and consolidates all firm-wide training under a single umbrella. It helps put the firm's strategy into practice and seeks to build an integrated, client-centric, and well-respected leadership culture.

The University's focus is on enhancing leadership and management capabilities, business and professional skills, as well as building knowledge and competencies in legal, compliance and risk management.

Its aim is to support the business in all training and education needs and, at the same time, reflect business priorities. It is organized along three faculties: Leadership, Control & Risk and Business Education. Training courses are available to all UBS employees and are leader-led. Senior managers as well as external and internal experts sponsor and deliver the programs designed to promote leadership capabilities and improve professional skills.

Operating as a cross-regional and cross-functional team, the UBS Business University seeks to ensure global and regional alignment. With staff located in the major business hubs in the region (Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, Beijing, Taipei), the University's offering is delivered locally wherever possible.

As a global organization, the University seeks to lever on existing proprietary learning facilities and training centers of the bank. In Singapore, training programmes take place at the Command House campus. Since its launch, the University has delivered around 24,000 training days and approximately 2,000 training events.

The Command House was gazetted as a national monument in Singapore in November 2009. Initially established as the UBS Wealth Management Campus-Asia Pacific in 2007 and subsequently re-launched as the UBS Business University in 2010, Command House is a colonial period house built by the architect Frank Brewer. Formerly known as 'Flagstaff House', it served as the official residence of 16 successive General Officers Commanding (GOC) Malaya and Singapore between 1938 and 1971, as well as the Supreme Allied Commander South East Asia Command, headed by Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten in 1946. Following the withdrawal of the British from Singapore, it became the official residence of the Speaker of Singapore Parliament, Dr. Yeoh Ghim Seng (1971-1989). It was later a venue for State Functions by former Singapore President, Ong Teng Cheong (1993-1998).