Changing context

UBS Wealth Insights
Hong Kong , January 12, 2018

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Interview with Mark Haefele

In 2018, how should we invest in an environment of tighter monetary policy, political change, technological disruption, and huge environmental and social challenges?

Interview with Min Lan Tan

Where does Asia stand in the economic cycle? And how can investors best position themselves to take advantage of the Asian growth story?

Interview with Mike Ryan

How should investors position themselves for Fed tightening and the next leg of the Trump trade?

Interview with Sundeep Gantori

What transformational tech themes are a necessity for investors this year?

Interview with Sir Christopher Pissarides

What are the implications of your findings on labor market dynamics, particularly for policy?


How will the future of cryptocurrencies and tokens evolve as large corporates or banks and governments enter the space?

China and One Belt, One Road

Can China balance reform and deleveraging without threatening economic growth?

Interview with Adrian Zuercher

How should investors build and rebalance their portfolio for outperformance and risk management this year?

Interview with James Gifford

How can sustainable investing address environmental and social challenges without sacrificing risk-adjusted returns?

US market outlook and opportunities from emerging markets

In your view, what are the key trends and top investment themes on global monetary policies for 2018?

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The world is experiencing robust and synchronized economic growth, supporting rising global equity markets. But the investment context is changing. Central banks are beginning to withdraw stimulus. Geopolitics is in flux. And technological disruption is impacting economies, markets, and industries.

This year's Wealth Insights series titled "Changing Context”, provided investors with the guidance they need to navigate these changes, and protect and grow their wealth in the year to come.

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An overview of the speaker bios and the topics that were discussed at the forum

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