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Incubation Corridor

Today's startups.
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We are looking to build relationships with young, interesting tech companies in Asia; partnering with unicorns of the future along their journey.

CIO Avatar

Prototype to explore human digital assistants in banking.

UBS explores the use of human digital assistants to help clients and client advisors find solutions on the spot.

The experiment is conducted in collaboration with IBS and Artificial Intelligence (AI) company FaceMe, which developed the avatars and the technology supporting them.


Using an innovative technology to create efficiency.

UBS is using Digital Asset modelling Language (DAML), the smart contract language created by blockchain technology firm Digital Asset, for some of our Asia structured products. This will help reduce manual inputs (required for trades) and save costs.

WeChat & WhatsApp

Staying digitally connected
with you.

UBS and FinChat, a Singapore based technology company, have partnered to develop a solution that allows secured social chat communication between its clients and advisors.

The WeChat and WhatsApp pilots have been rolled out since end of 2018 in stages.

More locations and applications will be introduced in the subsequent rollout. Stay tuned.

Digital Banking

Enhance digital offerings 
for you.

UBS Digital Banking lets you have better control of your investments with a fast, personal and secure banking experience.


Developing and piloting a card-free workplace using biometrics to enter.

UBS has developed cutting edge facial recognition applications for both staff identity verification and building access.

The pilot went live in Hong Kong and London in Q2 of 2019. Empowered by the cloud and communicating in real time with UBS building management systems, the facial recognition application uses encrypted verification protocols to control physical access to the workplace.

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