UBS Tech Connect

Tomorrow's technologies are more than awe-inspiring. They're tools that can help you make life easier, make more money and make more time for having fun. But how can you explore these innovations – and discover what's right for you? Simple. By connecting with UBS Tech Connect in Hong Kong.

UBS Tech Connect organizes workshops and events and gives you direct access to start-ups, academics and industry experts within the technology space.

Step inside

What's on offer? The Digital Hub. A place where you can see the innovations you've read about: demos of our latest products and prototypes as well as gadgets illustrating new technologies. Think 3D printing and Augmented Reality. Mixed Reality, Robots, A.I. translation and video statements, just to name a few – come see, touch and play with these technologies.

Get direct exposure to the start-up ecosystem through activities, such as industry roundtables, start-up speed-dating, workshops and more – to find out the latest technology innovation that can help drive value for your business, investments or personal life.

Let's go

Ready to explore today's innovations – and get to know technology experts, companies, academics and thought-leaders? To find out more, sign up for our events and take a tour of the UBS Digital Hub in Hong Kong.

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