Am I ready for life beyond work?

Am I ready for life beyond work?

Highly driven individuals don‘t work one day and retire the next. It‘s more of a “glide path“ as they go from highly engaged to rarely engaged. Planning this very personal transition is where our wealth management team can help you get the balance right.

And many entrepreneurs never really retire at all. There’s no need to slow down just because you’re getting older, but you might want to shift your focus. You could see the world, pursue a new hobby, or become an angel investor. But how will you fund your new lifestyle? Most of us underestimate the income we need to do the things we want. Start your retirement financial planning now so you’re one step ahead.

Questions to ask yourself

When you’re planning for a new stage in your life, it’s a good idea to start early, but there’s a lot to consider. First, ask yourself these three important questions:

Grandfather and grandson


of people say one of their main motivations to make money now is to leave a good financial legacy for family / loved ones.*

What matters to me?

If you’ve built a successful career and you’re keen to stay busy, retirement can be about fulfilling your dreams or giving something back. Think about what makes you happiest. How do you want to spend your time? How could you focus more on the things and the people you care about?

Have I thought about healthcare?

Average life expectancy at birth in the UK is now above 75. By 2040, it is expected to be above 80.** We’re all different, of course, so your retirement fund needs to reflect both your life expectancy and the possibility you will need healthcare.

How will I pass on my wealth?

It can be hard to find the right balance between enjoying your wealth now and setting some aside to pass on to your loved ones. What will your legacy be? How will you make sure wealth transfer happens in the way you want?

Father and son

Without proper planning, individuals could lose up to


of their fortunes through inheritance taxes.***

If you want to know more

Keeping up with the latest insights can give you great ideas for making the most of your wealth.

How can wealth management help?

You have some of the world’s most experienced financial professionals working together on your behalf. Your main point of contact is your Client Advisor, who’ll work with our investment specialists and other members of the relationship service team to address your specific needs.

Our service

Great investment advice doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our service takes in to account all your financial needs, from wealth planning to investing to banking. We call this your total wealth solution.

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