Am I giving the best? How can I support my children and parents?

How can I support my children and parents?

When you have to look after your children and ageing parents, how can you provide for their financial and emotional needs, while still taking care of yours?

Questions to ask yourself

When you want to support the people you love, you need to balance their needs and yours. To get started, ask yourself these three important questions:

Can my finances take the strain?

If you're supporting your parents and children, you'll need to make sure your finances are in good shape. With the right planning, you could take care of your children and parents, and still have enough money to do what's important to you.

Am I setting up my children for success?

What skills will your children need? How much money should you set aside for them? And how can you get them off to a great start in life? While you can't predict your children's future, you can help them prepare for it.

How will I inherit or pass on wealth?

Maybe you need to prepare to inherit your parents' estate. Or you might be thinking about passing on your wealth to your children. To secure your family's wealth, you'll need to do it in the right way.


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