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We have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions about digital banking in the short videos and FAQs below.

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For your protection, you need to activate the Access App with the Access Card before using it for the first time.

This is how it’s done:

  1. Install the latest version of UBS Access App on your mobile device
  2. Launch the app. Enter your Digital Banking contract number
  3. Note down the last 5 digits of your Access Card number (They can be found on the bottom left of the Access Card – refer to red below)

4. Activate your Access Card with your PIN

5. Enter the 11 digit input code in your Access Card that comprises of
(a) 6-digit code displayed on Access App screen, and

(b) Last 5 digits of the Access Card serial number (from Step 3)

(c) Press 'OK'

6. Enter the 8-character security code generated from your Access Card into the security code field of your Access App then press 'confirmation'

7. Enter a device name (optional)

8. Set a six-character PIN to login to the Access App

9. Enter the PIN (from Step 8) again for confirmation

10. The Access App is now registered and can be used immediately


E-banking login

Login to e-banking using your desktop browser:

  1. Open the e-banking login page via > go to Account login found on the top right > Select "UBS e-banking in Singapore"

2. Enter your Digital Banking contract number

3. Launch the Access App on your mobile device

4. Scan the QR code displayed on the e-banking login page with the Access App

5. Enter your PIN for the Access App

6. You have successfully logged in to e-banking

Login to e-banking from your mobile device where Access App is installed:

1. Open the e-banking login page from your mobile browser via > go to Account login found on the top right > Select "UBS e-banking in Singapore"

2. Enter your Digital Banking contract number and click "Continue"

3. Select "Send QR Code to App"

4. Access App will launch automatically

5. Enter your PIN for the Access App

6. Once PIN is confirmed, open the e-banking login page from your mobile browser

7. You have successfully logged in to e-banking


Mobile Banking App login

Login to Mobile Banking App with the Access App installed on the same mobile device

  1. Launch the Mobile Banking App
  2. Select "Access App" as the login method

3. Enter your PIN for the Access App

4. You have successfully logged in to Mobile Banking


Requirements and supported services

Yes, you can use the Access App with the same Digital Banking contract on up to three mobile devices. The activation process is the same for each new device (Refer to Activation).

Yes, you can activate the Access App on each device for up to ten (10) different Digital Banking contracts.

This is how it’s done:

  1. Activate the Access App for the first contract
  2. Launch the Access App and select Settings > Manage access authorizations > Add contract number"
  1. First, deactivate the Access App on your existing mobile device. (Refer to Deactivation)
  2. Then, activate the Access App on the new mobile device (Refer to Activation)

For security reasons, the Access App has to be registered again on your device for your Digital Banking contract.

To do this, you need to:

  1. First, deactivate the Access App. (Refer to Deactivation)
  2. Then, follow the activation steps to activate the Access App (Refer to Activation)
  • Device using iOS version 9 and above or with Android version 5 and above
  • UBS Digital Banking contract number
  • Access Card
  • Access Card PIN (for first-time Access App login)
  • Access App

The Access App supports the login for the following services:

  • UBS e-banking
  • UBS Mobile Banking App
  • UBS Quotes
  • UBS Connect

For e-banking/ Connect:

  • Please ensure that you have successfully downloaded and registered Access App for your Digital Banking Contract

For Mobile Banking:

  • Please ensure that you have successfully downloaded and registered Access App for your Digital Banking Contract
  • Download the latest version of UBS Mobile Banking App
  • Select the login method "Access App" from the list of available login methods
  • In case you are still unable to find "Access App" as one of the login methods, please try to login once to your Mobile Banking App using your Access Card.

Yes, the Access App can be used abroad – provided that you have a WiFi connection or mobile data connection with roaming. Please note that for a mobile data connection with roaming, costs will be incurred from your mobile phone provider accordingly.

Please ensure you have selected your preferred language from your device settings. Alternatively, once you have setup your Digital Banking contract, you may launch Access App and select your preferred Language.

Please ensure:

  1. your device is using iOS version 9 and above or with Android version 5 and above.
  2. Mobile device must not be jailbroken or rooted.
  3. iOS devices must have screenlock enabled.

Also note that you can use the Access App with the same Digital Banking contract on up to three different mobile devices.

To view the number of mobile devices that you have registered for your Digital Banking contract on Access App, launch e-banking and go to "Settings > Security > Access App"

You have the following options to deactivate the Access App:

  • Via e-banking: Go to "Settings > Security > Access App > Deactivate your mobile device" 
  • Via Access App: Go to "Settings > Manage access authorizations > Contract number (select contract) > Remove access"

Yes, you will still need your Access Card for resetting your Access App PIN or registering Access App on other devices. It's advisable to safe keep your Access Card as an alternate means of secure login.

  1. First, deactivate the Access App. (Refer to Deactivation)
  2. Then, you can uninstall it from your mobile device.

Should you want to use the Access App again in future, you will have to install Access App again and register your Digital Banking contract.



The Access App is based on a state-of-the-art UBS security solution. Logging in with the Access App offers optimum security.

Key security features:

  • The Access App checks the security of your mobile device before every login digital banking
  • Your personally chosen PIN protects the Access App – even if you lose your smartphone
  • The security code for login is calculated automatically and sent directly to UBS via a highly secure data connection
  • We keep the Access App fully updated in order to offer you optimum protection at all times
  • iOS mobile devices that are jailbroken and Android mobile devices that are rooted will not be able to register or login using Access App


iPhone screen lock check is an additional security measure to protect the Access App from unauthorized access.

If you deactivate your iPhone's screen lock after installing and activating the Access App, the Access App will no longer work. For security reasons, re-enabling the screen lock is not enough to be able to use the Access App again. You have to go through the activation process again (see Activation).

Please note of the requirements for using the Access App. We always recommend installing the latest app version from Google Play Store.

Below you will find information on common problems:

Error message "Rooted device"

If the usage restrictions defined by the manufacturer are removed from a mobile device (Rooting, Custom ROMs). For security, the Access App will no longer be usable. Please reset the device back to its original state, in order to use the Access App.

Installed Apps like SuperSU can also block the Access App, as these could affect the security of the App. Removing such Apps could help to resolve the problem.

Downloading problems

If problems are experienced while downloading and installing the Access App, please empty the Google Play Store cache:
E.g. For Samsung devices:

  • Open the device's settings
  • Select "Apps"
  • Select "Google Play Store"
  • Select "Storage"
  • Tap "Delete cache" and "Delete data"

Other errors

It helps us a lot if you activate the function for sending error reports to Google. We can analyze these messages and thus resolve the problems. We also appreciate your feedback in the Google Play Store – in case of problems or simply if you like the App. If you provide a specific problem description, this will enable us to help you better.

In the event of loss, theft or suspicion of misuse, for security reasons you should immediately block Access App for your device. Contact UBS Digital Banking hotline at +852-2971 7111 (Hong Kong) or +65-6495 8333 (Singapore).

If your mobile device is recovered, contact UBS Digital Banking hotline to lift the block. You will not need to activate your Access App again.

If the device is not recovered, deactivate the Access App by contacting UBS Digital Banking hotline or self-service via e-banking. (Refer to Deactivation)

Upon activation of Access App, you will receive Digital Banking security notifications via Access App push notification. In the event of non-delivery of this push notification, you will receive an SMS notification within 30 minutes. Additionally, if you do not launch Access App for 24 hours* to read the security notifications.

Below are the examples of Digital Banking security notifications that will be sent to Access App:

  • Digital Banking Contract Number/ Login ID is blocked
  • Mobile Banking/Quotes Password (1FA) is set/reset

Access App related events such as activation, PIN change and de-registration security notifications will be sent to you via SMS.

These Digital Banking and Access App security notifications are also available in the message center of Access App for your reference.

Note: The Date/Time displayed in the Access App's Message Center and Message Header is in Coordinated Universal Time (i.e. UTC, which is 8 hours behind SG/HK Time).

  • Launch Access App > Settings > Manage PIN > Contract number (select contract) > Reset”.


While you are on the PIN entry page while logging in with Access App:

  • Click on "Forgot PIN" in the login page within Access App.

The Access App will be deactivated. You can then reactivate the App and set a new PIN (Refer to Activation).

  1. Launch the Access App
  2. Select "Settings > Manage PIN > Change"

3. Select the respective contract, if you have activated the Access App for more than one contract

4. Enter the current PIN

5. Enter a new PIN

6. Enter the new PIN again

7.  Tap on "Save"

Emergency Hotline

If you receive SMS alerts/notifications where you have not initiated or authorized, please call our support at:

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