Panorama: Mid-Year 2019

In this edition of Panorama, our senior asset class and allocation experts assess the potential challenges and opportunities investors may face for the remainder of the year.

With many moving parts in the macro environment, flexibility and diversification are key, along with the ability to respond quickly when opportunities present themselves. We therefore continue to advocate a bias to high conviction, focused investment styles.

Suni Harford, Head of Investments

Suni Harford, Head of Investments, says that despite tailwinds currently supporting markets, she continues to believe investors will need to work harder for risk-adjusted returns than they have done for the majority of the post-financial crisis period.

Evan Brown, Head of Macro Asset Allocation Strategy

Evan Brown, Head of Macro Asset Allocation Strategy explains why they expect global growth to be steady, but not spectacular, in coming months. He assesses the key factors that will affect returns and explains which asset classes are poised to outperform.

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