Benefits of UBS funds

Broad diversification keeps risk to a minimum

Broad diversification of risk is the cornerstone of a solid investment portfolio with an evenly balanced relationship between the expected return and the acceptable degree of risk. The risk is widely diversified and offers you better protection against poor performance by individual investments.

Benefit from a professional management approach

UBS Fund assets are managed by highly trained professionals with specialized expertise and UBS's state-of-the-art infrastructure at their service. They monitor trends in all financial markets and decide which securities to buy or sell for the fund.

Enjoy preferential terms as a private investor

Because of the large volume of assets managed, funds enjoy low transaction cost in the buying and selling of securities. The fund operates in the financial markets with the full weight of all the fund's assets behind it. As a result it benefits from favorable terms normally reserved for large investors. The benefits are ultimately passed on to you, the individual investor.

Small capital outlay - a great deal of flexibility

You can buy fund units for a small capital outlay and remain flexible.

Use of income

Many funds offer you the choice between paying out your income once a year directly to your account or continually reinvesting your income in the fund (distribution or reinvestment of income).
Unit classes with "-mdist" in their name may make monthly distributions. They may also make distributions out of capital (this may include inter alia realised and unrealised net gains/losses in net asset value) ("Capital"), at the discretion of the Manager, or pay distributions out of gross income while charging/ paying all or part of the Sub-Fund’s fees and expenses to/ out of the Capital of the Sub-Fund, resulting in an increase in distributable income for the payment of distributions by the Sub-Fund and therefore, the Sub-Fund may effectively pay distributions out of Capital. Payment of dividends out of Capital and/or effectively out of Capital may result in an immediate reduction in the Sub-Fund's net asset value per unit.

Save time and effort

Since all investment decisions and administrative work are handled by the fund management and custodian bank, you will find that you do not have to dedicate so much time to your investment planning upon purchasing units in an fund.


You can sell your units on any dealing day - which effectively allows you access to your investments when it is most convenient for you.