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Perspectives matter

Protection, politics, populism
Perspectives matter

Protection, politics, populism

When asked about the outlook for emerging market bonds at the UBS Greater China Conference this week, Hayden Briscoe, Head of Fixed Income in Asia Pacific explained, "In bonds, you cannot look at EM as one block anymore. You have to look at it from a regional and sector perspective."

Your first call for China Your first call for China

When China sneezes, the world catches a cold. Regardless of where your assets lie, your portfolio will be influenced by China's policy actions. UBS Asset Management's China foresight or 遠見yuan jian page analyzes a wide range of issues - from political moves to capital market liberalization - to help you focus on issues that matter and gain clarity on your next steps.

UBS Asset Management is among the top global asset managers and one of the fastest growing in the Asia Pacific. Though our global network of over 900 investment specialists, we ensure the success of our clients' investments.

In Hong Kong, we create tailored solutions for clients that draw on the scale and operational excellence of our global resources. Our commitment to serving our clients is supported by a wide range of investment capabilities in nearly every asset class – ranging from traditional (equities, fixed income, multi-asset) to alternatives (hedge funds, funds of hedge funds, real estate, infrastructure and private equity).

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