About Ultra High Net Worth

Sharing a mindset We at UBS UHNW have been advising visionaries for generations, and what we have in common is an unrivalled drive to deliver excellence. Like you, we are always striving to make our business better and deliver great success. We share your mindset of greatness.


We look at the world through your eyes. We take the time to get to know you so that we can truly understand your motivations, challenges and risk appetite. This is why we look at your wealth through a prism combining the dimensions of Great Wealth: business, investments, passions and legacy.

An unrivalled partnership

Turning a vision into reality demands long-term partnerships that build on understanding and trust, which are for us the foundations of Shaping Great Wealth. Backed by our global network of dedicated advisors, we provide skilled advice to evaluate smart risks for even the boldest of undertaking.


Our 150-year heritage of managing the wealth of the world's visionaries is testament to our passion for what we do. What drives us and inspires us is you. What you are passionate about. Be in your business, art, or philanthropy, is every bit as important as your financial investments.


Because we have worked with generations of the world's elite, we are unafraid to innovate and proud to be bold and dynamic. As an integrated bank with both global reach and local presence, and with a structured investment process driven by our CIO Investment Office, we are uniquely placed to deliver superior financial solutions.

Great achievements endure

To the innovators who have shaped the modern world, true fulfillment means creating the future and leaving a legacy that lives on for generations, even spans centuries.

For over 150 years we have been fortunate to provide the boldest financial management to world-renowned UHNW individuals and their families. Because we at UBS UHNW understand that to create a lasting legacy, one must think beyond one’s own lifetime. Building legacies to last.