February 2018 Royal award

Mariéme Jamme partners with Prince Andrew

Mariéme Jamme's enterprise iamtheCODE has announced a collaboration with The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (known as iDEA).

The scheme, from the UK's Prince Andrew, is envisaged as a digital and enterprise equivalent of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The partnership will mean those studying technology can receive 'badges' as they develop skills, either online or real world, that unlock points towards the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Like the iamtheCODE curriculum, the program is completely free and accessible on any modern device, operating system and browser, making it open to anyone who can get online.

Mariéme said she was "truly honoured and excited" to parter with iDEA.

While Kerensa Jennings, who runs the award, said "iDEA is delighted to be working with iamtheCODE to empower and enable girls and women around the world to have the opportunity to develop their digital literacy and capability. Together, we hope we will help give people chances they otherwise would not have. Together, we hope we can make a difference."

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