March 2018 Robot legs

Mark Pollock describes how he walks with exoskeleton

As part of his mission to find a cure for paralysis, UBS Global Visionary Mark Pollock is using his own body to carry out research. True to his roots as a dedicated athlete and adventurer, he followed a demanding training regime in the gym and lab; then several years after becoming paralyzed, he became the first person with chronic complete paralysis to regain enough voluntary control to walk in a 'robotic exoskeleton' – with the help of non-invasive spinal cord stimulation.

He benefitted both physically and mentally, saying at the time: "My heart rate hit 138 beats per minute. This is an aerobic training zone, a rate I haven’t even come close to since being paralyzed... That was a very exciting, emotional moment for me, having spent my whole adult life before breaking my back as an athlete."

In this clip, Mark tells us how he makes his 'robot legs' work.

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