July 2018 'I can barely believe what we saw'

Dana Leong on his global performances

“I can barely believe the things we got to see at our concerts from Davos to Hong King to the Bay Area and back!"

That's Global Visionary Dana Leong, who uses music as a form of healing, looking back at what has already been a jam-packed, exciting 2018.

The start of the year saw the musician and YGL perform at the World Economic forum (see photo above), which was Hong Kong-themed. He played remixes of famous Chinese songs and reminded global leaders to stick the Forum's mission statement of "improving the state of the world".

Dana and his band TEKTONIK then played for the Young Presidents' Organization, during their Cultural Immersion Tour of Taiwan.

Their "highly stylized" live version of their Electronic Symphony, brought together musicians from Asian, Western and electronic musical backgrounds.

Most recently, Dana and TEKTONIK sound-tracked the re-opening of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. The former prison has undergone a renovation costing almost $500m and is now a culture and heritage centre. The month-long music and visual art installation celebrated and chronicled Hong Kong's 160+ year history.

And if you'd rather listen to Dana's music rather than read about it, then go to YouTube and search for his appearance at the Future Generation Forum at Alibaba. During his visit, the Grammy winner performed and spoke about the music industry and how to succeed.

It's only halfway through the year and there's no sign of things slowing down for Dana: "We are creating scholarship opportunities and ramping up more creative ways to combine music and wellness around the globe. Stay tuned!”

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