April 2018 Battling Demons

Mina Guli on running back from injury

Photo by Kelvin Trautman

Mina Guli has been describing the painful setbacks to her plans to run 100 marathons in 100 days to raise awareness of the water crisis.

Writing on her blog, the Australian Global Visionary explains how she had been struggling with unbearable pain that "felt like a demon sitting around my hip socket breathing fire" every time she ran.

Mina had been training hard for her record attempt planned for early 2018 but her family intervened and an MRI scan at Christmas time revealed she had a fractured sacrum. That meant no running for at least three months.

"I was devastated. I was this close to starting my next challenge and now I was stuck hobbling on crutches."

Mina felt she had let people down and had to overcome some dark days before she healed, both mentally and physically. But she's overcome setbacks before – like the time an old injury forced her to walk what should have been a 50km run (see photo).

This fighting spirit and commitment to her cause has seen her re-launch her challenge – this time she will start in New York City on 4 November and take in all six continents, with sponsorship from Colgate and Reebok.

She knows it won't be an easy journey and she has noticed the impact of not running since December: "I’ve grown in foreign directions and have a body I don’t recognise. I walk around town and find myself breathing heavily. I’m unfit and I have a long road ahead of me."

But she's determined to share her story of #RunningDry and says she would do anything for her mission to save water, "climb literal and figurative mountains, face down my fears, and conquer the evil voices".

She has previously run 40 marathons in 40 days – this expedition will see her run an incredible 4,200km – but she says the success  won't be measured in distance so much as making changes among a global community.

Covering such distances, she would like people to run with her – if you would like to join her, get in touch with @minaguli on Twitter or Instagram - or you can show your support from your armchair by following and using #EveryDropCounts.

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