December 2018 Achievements and accolades

Global Visionaries' 2018 highlights

It's that time of year when people tend to get nostalgic about the past 12 months. We asked our network of social entrepreneurs for their biggest successes in achieving their sustainable goals - here are their responses…

Patrick Meier / WeRobotics

"This year, our Flying Labs network truly took off and grew from four to 17 Flying Labs in only eight months. We can't wait to see this exponential growth continue in 2019 and are proud that this growth is fully need-driven and initiated by outstanding local partners across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania."

Alan Ricks / MASS Design group

"In 2018 we saw construction begin on three major new hospital projects: two district hospitals, Nyarugenge(pictured) and Munini, in Rwanda and Redemption Hospital in Liberia. In 2019 we have over a dozen projects under construction, including three universities as well as these hospitals with construction budgets totaling $100MM."

Matthew Tilleard / CrossBoundary

"I’m proud of the progress that CrossBoundary has made in using private capital to drive sustainable development in Africa. We have:

  • Grown to more than 50 investment professionals across Africa and advised on almost $500M of impactful transactions.
  • Built CrossBoundary Energy into Africa’s largest distributed solar utility for business with over 28MW under operation, construction and awarded.
  • Launched CrossBoundary Energy Access whose innovative project financing will allow solar+storage Minigrids to deliver electricity to more than 170,000 rural Africans."

Helen Hai / Made in Africa Initiative

2018 was a big year for Helen - we previously revealed how she was hired to head a $100m Blockchain charity foundation and invited to join a senior level advisory group at the Global Partnership.

Well, now the WEF Young Global Leader has also been named in Bloomberg's Ones To Watch list of people who define global business. They say: "Anything can happen, of course, but next year’s noteworthy people are often visible now. We think those below—some nominated by our Bloomberg 50 honorees—could be on the list in 2019."

Dana Leong / TEKTONIK

"After an otherworldly 2018 filled with global arts and wellness events, TEKTONIK is launching the Talent Leadership Program. In Shanghai, summer of 2019, a carefully selected group of top-performing teenagers from around the world will assemble to collaborate and study the keys to creativity and business leadership skills under one roof. We will focus on arts, performance, presentation skills & fundamentals of business success, giving students the opportunity to create social impact projects that use their creative missions to methodically approach and activate positive social change. We look forward to including members and supporters of the UBS Global Visionary Community.

We are also pleased to announce the first TEKTONIK Scholar January 2019 at the Asian Institute of Management for one student to receive a full tuition scholarship to study a master’s degree in Disaster Relief Technology."

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