Is your investment climate change safe?

Oliver Marchand, CEO and Founder of Carbon Delta

21 Dec 2017

One aspect of climate change is the enormous financial risks that are associated with it.

  • Carbon Delta is an environmental Fintech that assesses how much a company's value could be affected by climate change.
  • They offer data subscriptions, carbon footprinting services, compliance reporting and custom software development.
  • Their goal is to alert investors to the climate risk profile of publicly traded companies, allowing them to protect assets, optimize performance and reach sustainability goals.
  • The global financial markets face massive valuation risks in the face of climate change. LSE estimated that $2.5-24.2tn was at stake while Citigroup reckoned that over $100tn could be wiped off the markets.
  • Oliver has a PhD in computer science; before starting Carbon Delta, he worked at Fisch Asset Management and the Swiss and German national weather services.

Carbon Delta works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goal:

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