Is your investment climate change safe?

Oliver Marchand, CEO and Founder of Carbon Delta

One aspect of climate change is the enormous financial risks that are associated with it.

  • Carbon Delta is an environmental Fintech that assesses how much a company's value could be affected by climate change.
  • They offer data subscriptions, carbon footprinting services, compliance reporting and custom software development.
  • Their goal is to alert investors to the climate risk profile of publicly traded companies, allowing them to protect assets, optimize performance and reach sustainability goals.
  • The global financial markets face massive valuation risks in the face of climate change. LSE estimated that $2.5-24.2tn was at stake while Citigroup reckoned that over $100tn could be wiped off the markets.
  • Oliver has a PhD in computer science; before starting Carbon Delta, he worked at Fisch Asset Management and the Swiss and German national weather services.

Carbon Delta works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goal:

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