DOCUs for FIM - a better way to invest your cash

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The currency investment for the optimization of your returns
DOCUs open up attractive alternatives to your equity or cash investments and have a potential return above that offered by time deposit investments. These products give the investor the opportunity to profit from a sideways-tending underlying foreign currency. The high interest payment compensates for the risk of the potential delivery of an alternative currency on expiry.

Main benefits at a glance**

  • Potentially higher returns than with a traditional money-market investment.
  • Attractive investment in sideways-tending markets.
  • Fully customized solutions offering a high degree of flexibility (in the choice of underlying, maturity and yield).
  • Foreign exchange and precious metals can enhance your portfolio diversification.
  • Risk/return profile can be optimized by choosing the appropriate strike.

DOCU Top List

The DOCU Top List is developed as a joint effort between Wealth Management Research (WMR) and IPS FX Sales. The recommendations represent the WMR view.

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DOCU tailor made solution

You can structure tailor-made DOCUs for your clients through your UBS Account Manager.

Or you can discuss with your Account Manager the possibility to have the UBS FX Investor installed in your office, which you can then use to price and trade DOCUs yourself. 

*   Exclusively for Financial Intermediaries - not to be passed on to end clients or third parties.
** Please take note of the associated risk described in the DOCU detailed product information (PDF, 418 KB) (p5).