UBS Optimus Foundation – how we work

Better giving. Better results.

It’s important to know that the solutions we're investing in are actually making a difference. We know that the only way to do this is to engage in strategic philanthropy – philanthropy guided by six key principles.


We’re backing solutions that show the potential to go big. And we’re driving these solutions forward with social finance, government buy-in and advocacy.


Partnering is vital for effective philanthropy. Philanthropists need to pool resources toward a common goal, and we need to bring the best of the private and public sector together.

Smart risk-taking

By working with standout partners on the frontline, we are venturing to support breakthrough solutions with powerful outcomes for the communities affected.

Evidence-based outcomes

Through robust impact evaluations and research – often together with leading academic institutions – funding can get to where it needs to go for the best outcomes.

Investment-based approach

We hold out for the 5% of programs that have the right business model, evidence, partnerships and leadership to be successful – maximizing impactful results.


Solutions we support must help strengthen local entities and infrastructure, while making sustainable changes to policy and practice. They need a clearly defined exit strategy.

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