From ozone to oxygen

Opportunities and risks in natural capital

The white paper at a glance

Systems thinking could be the key to solving the problem of how we preserve and regenerate our natural capital. Read our latest white paper to find out more.

As humans, we tend to focus our attention on narrow issues. The simpler the challenge, the easier it is for us to comprehend and tackle it with action. Unfortunately, due to a bug of human understanding, the same is not true when it comes to more complicated issues, such as climate change.

In this publication, UBS sustainability specialists share their thoughts on the various aspects that we need to consider if we are to preserve and regenerate the earth’s limited stock of natural capital.

They highlight different areas, including necessary policy innovations, the implementation of frameworks, and the role that investors and the private sector can play in improving our collective response to the impending challenges linked to natural capital. Our experts suggest thinking in systems could hold the key.


The podcast


The latest Monocle podcast The Bulletin with UBS explores the white paper from the UBS Sustainability & Impact Institute. Joining the conversation are Head of the Institute, Mike Ryan, and Judson Berkey from the Chief Sustainability Office at UBS. They discuss what’s required in order to preserve and regenerate the earth’s limited stock of natural capital - from policy innovations and new frameworks to the role that investors and the private sector can play.

Key takeaways

Our latest white paper sets out to do the following:

Meet our specialists

This white paper is a collaborative effort of expert opinion from our in-house team:
Photo of Judson Berkey

Judson Berkey

Lead Advocacy, Chief Sustainability Office

Photo of Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan

Head of Sustainability and Impact Institute

Photo of Francis Condon

Francis Condon

Head of Sustainable Thematic Engagement, UBS Asset Management

Photo of Veronica Weisser

Veronica Weisser

Thought Leader

Photo of Julie Hudson

Julie Hudson

Research – ESG Research – Senior Advisor

Photo of Annabel Willder

Annabel Willder

ESG Research - EMEA Analyst


In our paper we feature UBS Global Visionaries, these are Entrepreneurs and thought leaders working to achieve the 17 UN sustainable development goals. UBS supports them to scale their positive impact.

Problem-free palm oil

Shara Ticku, C16 Biosciences CEO and Co-founder

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Seafood, Evolved

Chad Sarno, Good Catch Chief Culinary Officer & Co-founder, Chris Kerr, Good Catch Executive Chair & Co-founder

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