Ensure you prepare for interviews

The right preparation will allow you to relax and be yourself.

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Have your pitch ready

  • Practice being able to summarize your professional profile – what you’ve achieved and what your ultimate goals are.
  • Get comfortable talking about each point on your CV, backing up claims with concrete examples.
  • Have a few anecdotes ready that highlight skills that make you the best fit for the job (these don’t always have to be about work).

Predict and prepare questions

  • Use the job advert to anticipate what you’ll be asked.
  • Learning about your interviewers can help you prepare questions. Use LinkedIn and Google to find out about their roles and experience so far. And, who knows, maybe you have something in common.
  • Want to know more about responsibilities, the team, targets or culture? Have your questions ready.

Get it right

  • If your interview is in person, prepare your journey so you arrive early.
  • Dress professionally (even for a video interview) and switch off devices that could distract you.
  • Be aware of your posture and body language. Make eye contact with all your interviewers.
  • Stay on topic and focus on answering the questions.

After the interview

  • Feel free to ask about next steps.
  • It’s always good form to send a personalized thank you email (within 24 hours is especially impressive).

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