Why is the UBS Career Comeback program great for teams? 

Matthias gives us his inside view on the advantages candidates have if they have taken a career break.

When hiring candidates, we are looking for the right mix of skills, experiences and potential that can contribute to the health and, ultimately, the performance of the team. For me, the added value of Career Comeback candidates is the life experience they bring with them.

Candidates who’ve had a career break are usually highly committed to getting back to work. They are very engaged, motivated and, sometimes, even more patient and determined when it gets hectic. Let’s face it: taking care of your own interests plus your family and home can be just as demanding as running your own business 24/7. On top of that, all the candidates have a sound level of education and work experience. It is a great pool of talent to tap into that has been underutilized for decades.

However, it takes an investment from both sides. There can often be a steep learning curve for people who have taken a career break. The complexity of a large organization can be overwhelming at first. Combine that with a changing situation at home and the challenge can be even greater. That’s why strong support and understanding from both family at home and the team at work are essential to making onboarding successful.

On the business side, integration works best within highly motivated teams. In my experience, it is important to inform the team in advance and ensure there is a clear integration plan in place. But I’ve been very impressed at how naturally team members have supported each other and showed willingness and ability to be flexible and adapt. The company provides networking opportunities and training. There are also positive knock-on effects for existing team members, as it encourages people to start thinking more about their own opportunities for career development, internal mobility, coaching and mentoring.

If there is an opportunity to add diverse and new skills to the team mix, we should embrace it. Ultimately, I truly believe the benefits are outstanding for all involved.

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