Sherri came back motivated, focused and committed.

It takes courage and dedication to core values to trust myself in this new chapter of my life, and hopefully my girls see in me their most positive female role model—a working mother who can go to a great job every day, perform at a high level, and achieve career fulfillment, while still remaining "Mom", as utterly connected and available to them as they need.

What made you apply to the Career Comeback Program?

I had a very rewarding 14-year career in the financial services industry before deciding to stay home with my three beautiful girls. I wanted to have a certain level of involvement with my kids while they were still young that I felt would be tough for me to achieve working full time. I started to hear from working moms about “career comeback” options, and with my youngest starting kindergarten fulltime this past fall, the timing was perfect.

Why did you pick UBS? What distinguished our program from others?

I was leaning toward a competitor program (if accepted) because UBS was just starting its pilot and there was no track record of its success rate. But during the interview process, UBS was so impressive that I couldn't resist. The recruiters, administrators and ambassadors were so passionate, as evidenced by their focus and innovative approach. UBS also hosted a two-day workshop that really blew me away. From that point on, I knew I wanted to be a part of this organization. My decision was further solidified when I interviewed with the Alternative Investment team in Wealth Management Americas (WMA). The culture felt more than familiar from my prior days and I knew that UBS was the place for me!

What is the job you are doing and how does it compare to your last role?

I am working as a Product Development Specialist in the Alternative Investment group of WMA. I left the work force in 2007 after spending years as a product manager in wealth management and then in prime brokerage. While the underlying products are different, the role and skillsets needed in my current position are quite similar.

What is it like to be back at work?

Coming back to work after such a long break has been very exciting and fulfilling; but it was a little intimidating at first. I was nervous about striking a balance with my work and family life. That all dissipated almost immediately. My team has been incredible and has made it a mission to educate me and bring me up to speed right away. They spend invaluable time training me, and I come to work every day motivated, focused and committed. The balance between work and family can be challenging at times, but it always seems to work itself out.

What's on your bucket list this year?

I will teach my three girls to ski, take them on their first overnight camping trip, and visit Italy for a long overdue exploration!

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