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Juli 2015

  1. Top philanthropists gather in Singapore to discuss family legacy and innovation in philanthropy in Asia

    Singapore, 1 July 2015 - UBS today announced the launch of UBS Philanthropy Forum Asia in
    Singapore. Held on July 2 & 3, the forum will be attended by a highly influential group of close to
    200 participants and global speakers including eminent private philanthropists, social
    entrepreneurs and top business families. Guest-of-Honor, Mr J Y Pillay, Chairman of the Council
    of Presidential Advisers, is the keynote speaker at the Philanthropy Forum Asia gala dinner.

    The desire to embrace philanthropy amongst the wealthy families has expanded beyond US and
    Europe to Asia. As Asia emerges as the next center of billionaire wealth creation, the UBS
    Philanthropy Forum Asia in Singapore seeks to examine how wealthy families have successfully
    created a family legacy through innovative philanthropy practices.

    Chi Woon Yoon, President Asia Pacific for UBS said, "UBS has been working with Asia's
    wealthiest families for over 50 years. This year, we are delighted to host our flagship
    Philanthropy Forum in Singapore, as the city-state celebrates 50 years of independence. With
    embracing innovation as our theme, the 2015 Forum will provide a unique platform for the
    region's top philanthropists to share best practices and groundbreaking ideas. This event forms
    part of our UBS and Society initiative, which helps clients use their wealth for positive societal

    According to the recent UBS and PwC 2015 report, the average age of Asian billionaires is 57, an
    age when many begin to consider how to preserve and transfer their wealth. This wealth
    demographic can trigger a wave of philanthropic giving.

    "As Asian billionaire families grow in size and complexity, succession planning and the
    engagement of the second generation are important in establishing a lasting family legacy.
    Increasingly, philanthropy has been a social cohesive force to successfully transmit the family
    values across the generations. At UBS, our dedicated philanthropy advisory team has advised
    numerous clients in their philanthropic aspirations over the generations." Josef Stadler,
    Head Global Ultra High Net Worth, UBS Wealth Management said.

    Mario Marconi, Head of Philanthropy & Values-based Investing, UBS said: "The focus of giving for
    today’s philanthropists varies widely, as do their motivations for giving. However what is
    becoming more and more apparent is that they are looking for measurable results for their
    philanthropic efforts.

    To this end, UBS has a dedicated global team of philanthropy advisory experts who have been
    collaborating with our clients on all aspects of philanthropy, strategic charitable giving as well as
    investing with a social impact."

    Later this year, UBS will also be launching a Singapore presence of our UBS Optimus
    Foundation. The Optimus Foundation is UBS's professional grant-making foundation which
    focuses on children education, healthcare and protection. The foundation is funded by
    donations from UBS's clients and contributions from UBS.

    Juni 2015

    1. UBS-Konsumindikator: Zeichen für robustes Wachstum des Privatkonsums

      Der UBS-Konsumindikator ist im Mai von 1,67 auf 1,73 Punkte gestiegen. Höhere Immatrikulationen von Neuwagen und eine aufgehellte Stimmung der Detailhändler deuten auf ein robustes Wachstum des Privatkonsums hin.

    2. UBS expands presence in Hong Kong with new office in Kowloon

      UBS's largest outdoor advertisement lights up the Kowloon skyline 

    3. UBS gibt die erfolgreiche Implementierung der UBS Switzerland AG bekannt

      Mit der Implementierung der UBS Switzerland AG hat UBS einen weiteren wichtigen Schritt zur Verbesserung der Abwicklungsfähigkeit des Konzerns vollzogen und reagiert damit auf die regulatorischen Anforderungen für den gesamten Bankensektor. UBS Switzerland AG ist nun als hundertprozentige Tochtergesellschaft der UBS AG mit eigener Banklizenz aktiv. Als Teil der Veränderungen der Rechtsstruktur von UBS hat UBS AG per 14. Juni den Unternehmensbereich Retail & Corporate und das in der Schweiz verbuchte Wealth-Management-Geschäft an UBS Switzerland AG übertragen.

    4. UBS secures 13 spots on Barron's Top 100 Women Financial Advisors list for 2015*

      The list reflects the top 100 women Financial Advisors from brokerages and banks in the United States.

    Mai 2015

    1. UBS-Konsumindikator: Negative Trendwende im April

      Der UBS-Konsumindikator ist im April leicht von 1,34 auf 1,25 Punkte gefallen und hat damit seinen seit Januar anhaltenden Aufwärtstrend beendet. Zwar liegt der Indikator noch über dem Stand vom Februar, bewegt sich aber nach wie vor auf einem relativ bescheidenen Niveau.