Thematic engagement

A key part of our approach to Active ownership

We use thematic engagements to focus on specific social and environmental themes where we believe these can help to foster positive outcomes for company performance, people and the planet. 

Our approach to thematic people engagements

We launched our thematic people engagement approach in 2022. Within our three main themes of human capital, human rights and health, we engage on five sub-topics. In each sub-topic, we collaborate with other investors, as we believe that we can have a more effective engagement with a larger number of companies.

Our approach to thematic planet engagements

We launched our first thematic planet engagement on climate change in 2018. In addition, we are engaging on natural capital. In both cases, we collaborate with other investors, where this brings further value to our engagements.

Climate change

  • The aim of our climate engagement program is to encourage companies to develop their transition plan and achieve emissions reductions aligning with a 1.5 °C net-zero pathway.
  • We are a member of the Climate Action 100+ engagement initiative. We are also a member of the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative, the Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change, and the Asian Investor Group on Climate Change. 

Natural capital

  • Through our engagement program on natural capital, we work with investee companies to ensure that natural capital is accounted for and included in their financial and economic decision making.
  • UBS AM is a member of the Nature Action 100 engagement initiative and the PRI Stewardship Initiative on Nature. 

What we expect from our investees

Through our Active Ownership activities, we aim to address some of the most pressing environmental, social and governance issues facing investors and investees.

For each of our sub-topics, we set out our expectations in order to encourage the development of best-in-class policies, practices and disclosures. Our expectations are based on industry standards and internationally recognized guidelines and principles. You can find links to these expectations below. 

thematic engagement

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