Q1 2021 PM interview with Kevin Zhao

11 Mar 2021 Fixed income, Asset Class Perspectives, PM Corner 36 min read

Kevin Zhao is the lead portfolio manager on all active Global Sovereign and Flexible Fixed Income strategies as well as Active Currency Management. In this role he is responsible for all investment decisions taken for and implemented in these strategies. He is a member of the Fixed Income Investment Forum, and joined UBS Asset Management in 2011

Kevin answers four key questions on market trends, positioning and future outlook in the context of the UBS Global Flexible Bond portfolios.

Video topics

  1. How did being flexible benefit you? What do you believe investors are missing by having rigid guidelines? (03:19)
  2. What is your view on inflation? (17:07)
  3. How are you currently positioned in terms of duration in your portfolios? (23:43)
  4. Where are the best opportunities in credit and government bond markets? (30:20)