The short answer: to protect your accounts.

For most payments, logging into the TWINT App once with your password or biometric data will be enough. However, for security reasons additional authentication via the UBS Access App is required for certain payments.

To confirm payments using the Access App, you must store your payment methods in TWINT using your Digital Banking contract (Settings > Manage payment methods > Add/Update > with UBS Digital Banking contract) and activate the Access App. Without the Access App or a Digital Banking contract, you can only make payments within the defined limits. But with your Digital Banking contract and the Access App, you'll benefit from higher limits.
Important: For security reasons, you only have 30 seconds to confirm TWINT payments that require approval via the Access App.

Have you already installed the Access App?

Please ensure that the Digital Banking contract from which the payment methods are taken is activated in the Access App. To do this, open the Access App and go to “Settings.” Add the relevant Digital Banking contract under “Manage access authorizations.”

Do you use a credit card that was not issued by UBS?

In this case, you cannot make payments of more than CHF 500. For security reasons, the transaction limit at some retailers is CHF 500. Would you like to increase your limit? Find all the information you need here.

You don't yet have the Access App?

No problem. Download the Access App from the App Store or Google Play store here.

Please note: If you have several UBS Digital Banking contracts, you need to set up the Access App for the contract whose payment methods you want to use in UBS TWINT. Only then can you use the Access App to confirm TWINT payments.