The same high security standards apply to the Safe and the Safe app as for the e-banking services and mobile banking app. Your data is stored in encrypted form on UBS servers in Switzerland.

You determine the security level yourself for access to personal documents and passwords – separately by folder and password category. You have the following two options available to you:

Strong security

Suitable for sensitive documents and passwords.

Access requires login with Access Card or Access app.

Reduced security

Suitable for non-sensitive documents and passwords.

A password or an iPhone Touch ID is sufficient for access.

UBS has no influence over the security of your computer or mobile device. An infection of your device caused by malware may result in unauthorized parties gaining access to your documents and/or passwords. We therefore recommend that you use up-to-date anti-virus software and that you do not access UBS Safe on equipment which does not belong to you. You should also refrain from storing any critical passwords, particularly those used to authorize payments or other financial transactions.

Further information can be found at Safe login options and our security tips.