Change my PIN

You can change your PIN at any ATM in Switzerland, even at other banks.

If you’ve lost or forgotten your PIN, you can order a new one in just minutes via UBS E-Banking.

Tip: Never choose a combination of numbers that could be easily discovered by others, such as dates of birth, car registration number, a telephone number, etc.

These instructions apply to the following cards:

  • Visa & Mastercard
  • V PAY & Maestro

How to change your PIN at an ATM

Note that you will need to know your current PIN to create a new one at an ATM.

Insert your card and follow the instructions

How to order a new PIN

Log in to E-Banking

Navigate to Account & Cards > Settings for cards

Under General, click Order PIN

Select the card for which you wish to order a PIN and follow the instructions

Your new PIN will be sent automatically by mail.

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