Answers to frequently asked questions about corporate actions

  1. Select "Mailbox" and then "Corporate actions" in the E-Banking navigation.
  2. Click right on "Change delivery type".
  3. Change type of delivery to "Electronically".

Please note that in exceptional cases information letters about corporate actions with options will be sent by postal mail even if you have selected digital delivery.

Corporate actions are capital market transactions. It’s worth noting the difference between “mandatory corporate actions” and “voluntary corporate actions.” Mandatory corporate actions are capital market transactions without options (e.g. par value repayments, mergers, name changes). Voluntary corporate actions are capital market transactions with options (e.g. repurchase offers, capital increases, optional dividends).

The corporate actions tool in E-Banking lets you issue instructions for capital market transactions with options. You can issue instructions for a capital market transaction if you hold corporate securities in a UBS custody account.

In E-Banking, go to “Mailbox > Corporate Actions,” where you’ll find all events relating to corporate actions with options. Click on an event to view details (including information letters as a PDF) and issue instructions. Once you have dealt with the pending item, your instructions will be moved from the “Open” tab to the “Closed” tab.

Provided it is possible to change instructions for a specific event, go to “Mailbox > Corporate Actions” in E-Banking and then click “Delete” under the relevant instruction in the “Completed” tab. Once you’ve deleted the instruction, issue a new one.

Once your instruction has been processed, you will receive a separate statement. This will be sent by postal mail or electronically, depending on your preferences.

You will receive a notification in E-Banking when there is a new corporate action. We will also inform you by push notification, SMS or e-mail. Choose how you prefer to be contacted in the “Notification” settings.

Yes. We will send you a reminder three days before the deadline. Choose how you prefer to be contacted in the “Notification” settings.

In E-Banking, go to "Mailbox > Corporate Actions > Completed".

If you haven’t issued any instruction(s) by the deadline, the default option will be applied. The default option varies depending on the Corporate Action Event: in the case of optional dividends, for example, it can mean “Settlement in cash”, but in the case of offers “No action to be taken”.