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The Technology Platform for Wealth Management

Introducing UBS Partner

We support you in developing a scalable advisory model with our state-of-the-art cloud technology, founded on our leading wealth management DNA.

How can you benefit from UBS Partner?

Lower costs

With actionable portfolio analyses and tailored proposals, we help you lower cost-to-serve in advisory while maintaining diversity in portfolios.

Increase revenues

To increase your hit rate, UBS Partner provides you with highly personalized investment proposals, fully aligned to your client's setup.

Reduce risks

UBS Partner makes sure that all relevant rules and regulations are reflected in the system, based on your specifications.

We support you in developing a scalable advisory model with our state-of-the-art cloud technology, founded on our leading wealth management DNA.

UBS Partner - The Technology Platform for Wealth Management

UBS Partner Platform Modules

Portfolio Quality Checks

  • Portfolio analysis: Our engine unbundles each portfolio and analyses all asset classes and instrument types. An alert is triggered when there are quality breaches in the portfolio.
  • Portfolio screening: The engine screens each client portfolio against the selected and customizable quality checks and SAA/TAA every night, identifying issues.

Investment Opportunities

  • Investment ideas: The engine implements the Bank’s research and identifies investment opportunities. For each idea, the algorithm finds a suitable second trade and provides complete trade packages.
  • Client book screening: UBS Partner determines for which portfolios investment opportunities are applicable and automatically identifies the relevant clients, ensuring efficient implementation.


  • Prospect proposal creation: UBS Partner enables Client Advisors to create proposals for prospects and clients by uploading external holdings and assets to the tool and simulating the situation where the client brings additional assets.
  • Efficient prospecting: Advisors can showcase what would be possible should the client move more assets to their bank and provide tailored proposals for a more fruitful discussion.

Scenario Analysis

  • Stress testing: This module offers the capability for advisors to assess the impact that potential stress scenarios may bring to client portfolios.
  • Predictive and historical scenario analysis: These can be based on historical events or forward-looking (predictive) ones, which can incorporate expert views based on current financial information.

Investment Analytics

  • Control exposure: This module gives advisors the ability to understand the exposure of their client book along various dimensions, for different levels of aggregation, from individual portfolios to the book level.
  • Spot and act on trends: The Client Advisor can create multiple queries on filters such as instrument, position, client information, portfolio details, etc. and immediately see how their portfolios are exposed and act on any immediate threats.

Portfolio Remediations

  • Optimization: UBS Partner generates tailored solutions in an individual portfolio context. Recommendations are generated from the buy list and take preferences, regulatory and suitability requirements into consideration. 
  • Ready-to-send proposals: Investment proposals are prepared automatically and aligned to the Banks's design and requirements and are customizable.

Sales Campaigns

  • Campaign creation: UBS Partner enables banks to structure sales campaigns effectively. Product teams can efficiently translate their products into client portfolios.
  • House view implementation: Trade ideas are fully consistent with the Bank’s investment views, research ratings and tactical allocations, allowing for efficient translation from the CIO office.

Goal & Wealth Projection

  • Portfolio simulation: The engine provides daily screening of portfolios, estimating the development of the client’s wealth over time for a range of different scenarios.
  • Automatic proposal generation: Client Advisors are provided with concrete remediation recommendations on closing potential gaps if a client is not likely to achieve the target.

Risk Analytics

  • Dynamic risk values: The UBS Partner Risk Analytics module offers a collection of risk metrics that provide in-depth analysis for each portfolio.
  • Multi-level analysis: Client advisors are provided risk data on both the portfolio and position (contribution) level. Advisors are equipped to provide their clients with a thorough understanding of the risk values of the portfolio and the potential for deviation from targeted or expected values.

Sales Analytics

  • Advisor and end-client analytics: Senior management can track end-client and advisor activity over time, with key insights on overall hit rate and efficiency.
  • Data monitoring: This module also provides access to data such as number of accepted proposals, overall quality of portfolios over time and proposals generated, allowing management to make more meaningful decisions.

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