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I'm delighted to see an outstanding set of results in 2023. The sustainability bar is rising swiftly; there is still a lot of work to do.

Olivia Muir, Head of Sustainability, Real Estate & Private Markets, UBS Asset Management

Climate change, energy needs and water scarcity are among the biggest challenges of our century. We recognize that real assets such as properties and infrastructure contribute significantly to CO2 emissions and the consumption of natural resources. While the financial objectives of our clients remain the primary focus of our investments, our sustainable investment strategy also considers long-term resilience, climate change, environmental, social and governance aspects.

We believe that sustainable ownership and operation of real property can have a significant positive impact on the environment and returns for our clients. We operate with this in mind while investing both directly and indirectly into real assets. We have established a comprehensive approach to environmental and social factors, and to corporate governance across each of our investment disciplines as part of our commitment to acting as sustainable investors. Sustainability plays a major role in our strategy and asset-level decisions. Combined with the expertise of our specialist teams from across our business globally, we’re able to generate and share innovative ideas to help our clients meet their sustainable investment goals. This integrated approach enables us to maximize our results in the implementation of our sustainable investment strategy.

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GRESB is a third-party organization that provides ESG data to financial markets. GRESB collects, validates, scores, and independently benchmarks ESG data to provide business intelligence, engagement tools, and regulatory reporting solutions for investors, asset managers, and the wider industry. UBS has been a member of GRESB for over a decade. Award as of October 2022. UBS submitted 2021 data to GRESB for the 2022 Assessments. For more info about GRESB, please consult the webpage here and learn more about GRESB’s scoring methodology here. GRESB is compensated annually by its members for the assessments, find out more here.

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