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As a leading global provider of multi manager and single manager hedge funds, we focus on providing you with access to the hedge fund universe, whatever your investment profile is.

Alternatives client portal

Our Alternatives portal provides access for existing clients to Hedge Fund Capabilities managed by O'Connor and UBS Hedge Fund Solutions.

Why invest in hedge funds?

Would you like to better diversify your portfolio? Do you look for investments that generally have a low correlation to other asset classes and can you handle limited liquidity? If so, hedge funds could be an interesting investment vehicle for you. We work together with you to find the best customized solution that answers all of your investment questions. Watch the video to find out more.

Hedge funds may sound daunting, but they are not really as complicated as many people may think. Put simply: hedge fund managers try to exploit the opportunities offered by the market across a broad spectrum of asset classes.

Hedge funds are actively managed investment vehicles with flexible mandates, which makes investing across markets and across asset classes possible. While traditional portfolio managers are generally limited to long-only strategies, hedge funds can take a long or short position in different financial instruments, which offers diversified streams of income and at the same time, aims at greater protection against losses.

  • Investing through a fund of hedge funds manager offers many potential benefits:
  • Additional levels of diversification and active portfolio management between hedge fund strategies and dynamic options.
  • Better access to the hedge fund universe. This includes lowering barriers to entry that arise from high minimum investment amounts for investments in individual hedge fund managers.
  • Active management of hedge funds can contribute to better portfolio risk diversification and has even historically shown small fluctuations in value as pure long-only portfolios when hedge fund indices are compared with the MSCI Index.
  • Access to a wide range of strategies with significantly different approaches to diversify sources of potential yield.
  • Access to expert knowledge, resources and the operational infrastructure of a well-regulated and experienced fund house (e.g., more bargaining power for negotiating reductions in fees or negotiating favorable investment terms).
  • Improved transparency – including disclosing risks.
  • Low yields and low interest force investors to find alternatives.
  • Bond yields are at an all-time low and investors may have to look for alternative sources of potential yield under these circumstances.
  • Some hedge funds have performed well in the past and offer an attractive outlook. But past performance is no guarantee of future results.
  • By diversifying sources of potential yield, hedge funds can improve risk-adjusted returns for investors who can tolerate moderate illiquidity.
  • With active portfolio management and low-correlated or uncorrelated potential alpha sources, these funds seek to achieve more stable yields with limited risk of loss.

Our products

We are proud to offer solutions that cater to meeting the needs of our clients.

Our broad hedge funds offering covers different investment strategies and financial markets, and aims to meet clients' expectations in terms of potential yield, risk capacity and liquidity.

Hedge Fund Solutions

UBS Hedge Fund Solutions is one of the largest fund of hedge fund managers worldwide. As an experienced multi manager we offer globally diversified products to meet the demands of clients around the world.


O'Connor is a multi-strategy hedge fund manager within UBS, dedicated to absolute return investment management. With a heritage dating back to 1977, O'Connor offers industry leading investment and quantitative capabilities, backed up by state of the art risk management systems.


Hedge Fund Myths & Facts

There are a variety of myths associated with hedge funds. The following videos reveal the facts:

Myth #1:
Hedge funds are illiquid

Myth #2:
Hedge funds are too risky

Myth # 3:
Hedge funds are not transparent

Myth #4:
Hedge funds are too expensive