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Underrated markets, digitalization and sustainable investments

China offers more and more reasons to be treated independent and not as a part of an emerging market allocation. The global digital transformation is responsible for massive changes in our private- and professional life's and propose new opportunities for investing. Using sustainable investing strategies makes portfolios more environmentally friendly. Lear more about the investment themes from UBS Asset Management.

Transitioning to a more sustainable future

At UBS sustainability means thinking and acting with the long term in mind. It’s an integral part of our business, from the products, services and advice we offer, to the way we work and operate in society. For UBS this is nothing new. For over two decades, we have had a focus on sustainable finance.

Asia now - Time for new opportunities

Asia drives the world economy – and has been doing for years. And that’s something we will all have to get used to as China’s influence grows, Asia’s consumer base expands, and Asian companies extend their lead in the world of tech and innovation. But while we believe these trends will drive the future, we also believe that now is the time to bring Asia’s growth story and diversification benefits into your portfolios.

China – A new world order

China is a key component of the new investment world. With the rapid transformation of its economy, China plays also a leading role in the area of digitization trends. China, the first country to be confronted with COVID-19, is now the world pioneer in finding a way out of the crisis. It is one of the first economies in the world showing signs of recovery.

The digital future

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing how we live, work, and play. A critical mass of digital technologies – cheap connectivity, ubiquitous sensors, and massively scalable compute – provide fertile ground for innovation.

In rapid change, we see disruption for some companies, and for those that embrace digitization we see durable growth.

Climate conscious – no longer an option

We have developed a climate conscious investment concept that helps investors to align their portfolios on a climate friendly future. Our range of climate related solutions which is controlled via our asset classes, offers sustainable results for your investment requirements.

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