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Investing in China's new era

Stepping into the future

The Chinese government has been talking about stepping into the future with a series of policies to create a 'new era' for China. 

Index inclusion – Bringing China into focus

There's a mismatch between China's weight in the global economy and its
share of the global investible universe, despite China's rapid growth in recent
years and emergence as the world's main source of growth.

China fixed income – high yield, direct access

Reforms are improving access and propelling rapid growth in China's onshore 
fixed income market.

Greying population, golden opportunity

The world’s population is getting older and China is the main driving force.

Where to invest

Solving the income conundrum

Finding income in a shifting market

Markets are shifting. The traditional go-to asset for income-seeking investors – bonds – doesn't deliver the necessary income in today's environment. What other options can investors explore and at what cost?

Dynamically ridingthe tide – floating rate bonds

As the economy expands and the inflation rates rise, central banks will continue to normalize monetary policy.

Stocks – attractive alternative for income seekers

Three different routes equity investors can take to generate income from equity.

Where next for income?

Interview with Investment Specialist, Stephen Friel

Where to invest?

Emerging markets – The place to be

Sunny horizons ahead

The emerging markets (EM) equities recovery that began in 2016 has continued its strong run year-to-date. If past cycles are any guidance, the out performance of EM can continue for several years.

A shake-up in Chinese  bonds

The growth of China's bond market has been rapid and international investor participation continues to rise, driven largely by China's efforts to open up its bond market.

The changing face of Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are evolving. Investors today are confronted with a different opportunity set than in past cycles. EM equities are increasingly a domestic play, fueled by secular growth sectors like internet and consumption, away from highly cyclical industries such as energy and materials.

Where are the future winners?

Interview with Portfolio Manager, Bin Shi, Lead Portfolio  Manager Chinese Equities UBS Asset Management.

Where to invest?