Hedge funds in China - the great shift

Financial reforms have created a favorable environment for relative value investing

Hedge funds 05 Oct 2022 2 min watch
Jia Tan (TJ)
O’Connor team

The use of short selling as a risk management tool to protect long positions has historically been limited by the availability of short borrowers in China. Capital market reforms, however, can fundamentally change the China A-share market by allowing foreign hedge funds to short with domestic brokers and secure margin on a range of securities that were not available in the past.

China opening its doors to relative value investors

Read this article to learn more about how China is positioning itself as a global financial hub by fundamentally changing the landscape for long/short investing.

Hedge funds get a bigger piece of the China Mooncake

This animation explores the possible impact of market reforms and how they may create a compelling opportunity for hedge fund investing in China.

What do Xiangqi and investing in China have in common?

Watch this video to hear, Jia Tan (TJ), UBS O’Connor Head of Research for China Equity Long/Short, explain why the structural opportunity set in China is attractive for our fundamentally driven relative long/short strategy.

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