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Partner with one of the world’s fastest growing ETF managers with the expertise to deliver a wide range of solutions to meet your needs, and experience earned from over 30 years of excellence.

What sets us apart


In just one transaction, investors can access numerous markets through our broad selection of ETFs across equity, fixed income, commodity, precious metal, and real estate asset classes.


You can benefit from our status as one of the most experienced European ETF providers. We offer high quality index replication strategies, supported by a seasoned and skilled portfolio management team.


Our ranking as Passive Manager of the Year 2021 at the Insurance Asset Risk EMEA Awards was the latest in a stream of awards for our ETF capabilities over recent years.

Our ETF capabilities


Access the major equity markets in a single transaction with our wide range of UBS Equity ETFs.

Fixed Income

Invest in liquid and well-diversified fixed income market segments such as corporates, sovereign or Emerging Markets debt.

Currency hedging

You can use our extensive range of currency-hedged UBS ETFs to help hedge your portfolio against exchange rate fluctuations.


Diversify your portfolio with our cost-effective and liquid commodity focused ETFs.

Alternative Beta

Focus on systematic factor indices to track markets in a more sophisticated way than following market capitalization alone, while striving for diversification benefits.

Climate Solutions

Reduce your carbon exposure and drive your portfolio to a net-zero future with our cost-effective, rules-based MSCI Climate Paris-Aligned and Climate Aware ETF solutions.

Sustainable Investing

Our sustainable journey started in 2011 with the launch of our first four SRI ETFs. As a pioneer in this space, we offer a wide range of solutions to help you meet your ESG objectives.

UBS ETF Capital Markets Weekly

Have a look at our ETF Capital Markets Weekly. The document highlights primary market activities relevant for UBS ETFs, the largest secondary market trades, a market review as well as a look at the week ahead. Enjoy reading and share your comments.

ETF trading

UBS ETF Capital Markets

The ETF Capital Markets team assists clients on their journey of understanding ETF trading and that competition is key to best execution. A poor ETF execution can be costly and negate the benefits of the ETF wrapper in terms of transparency, liquidity and certainty of execution.

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The UBS ETFs team seeks to remain at the cutting edge and to remain pro-active in bringing new passive solutions that fit the wide variety of modern investor preferences. 

Clemens Reuter, Global Head of ETF & Index Fund Client Coverage


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