Art in motion

Collectors continue to pursue their passion

Our recent survey of art collectors reveals that they are actively looking to add to their collection in 2019. They are increasingly comfortable buying art online, even for works they have not seen in person. They are also using social media to find art and follow artists.

Most collectors are highly engaged…

…and plan to take action in 2019

What collectors collect

Collectors collection data: Paintings - 86%, Sculpture - 70%, Drawings - 64%, Photography - 60%, Prints - 59%, Video - 50%

How collectors value their collection

Collectors weigh in on passion vs. profit

Top concerns of collectors

Collectors are going online

Keeping their ears to the ground

Feeling the pull of social media

Gender Spotlight

Is your collection part of your legacy?

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About the survey

UBS surveyed 175 High Net Worth fine art collectors with at least $5M+ in investable assets from November 14 - 26, 2018. For more insights, visit Investor watch.