Begin before the end

Why families need to have inheritance conversations now

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Break the silence

Neither parents nor their children feel comfortable bringing up inheritance. Here’s why families aren’t talking—and why they should.

  • Parents are in denial about their mortality, so they don’t feel inheritance is a pressing issue.
  • Parents don’t want their children to feel entitled. Counting on an inheritance could dampen motivation.
  • For their part, children don’t feel it’s right to bring it up. They don’t want to look greedy.

Both sides agree that it’s up to the parents to start the conversation, and there’s good reason they should. 9 out of 10 families report being highly satisfied when they know the details ahead of time. Plus, now that we’re living longer, “giving while living” is a smart and fulfilling strategy for parents.

It’s time to talk about inheritance

Your UBS Financial Advisor can help you start the conversation with your family. Speak with yours today.