The conflicted investor

What rules…the head or the heart?

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Can investors overcome the struggle within?

Most investors know the economy is strong, but with recent volatility, they’re still unwilling to invest more. They’re left with an inner conflict that keeps them on the sidelines and out of the market.

  • 80% of investors believe the economy has recovered, but 86% say the crisis still affects how they think about money.
  • Investors know too much cash is a bad idea, but few are willing to put it to work. In fact, nearly 90% have maintained or increased cash holdings since the crisis.
  • Many investors believe in sticking to a financial plan, but few are looking to outperform the market.
  • Millennials are the most conflicted. They say they are willing to take on more risk, but hold two times more cash than any other generation.

Want help resolving your inner conflict?

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