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Q1. China’s economy is transiting away from the manufacturing sector to the service.
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Source: Factset, UBS Asset Management. Data as of end Dec 2017

While the world continues to see China as a manufacturing giant, the service industry has been the main contributor to its economy since 2012.

China is focused on rebalancing its economy and wants domestic consumption to lead the path in driving growth. The service industry is already contributing to more than 50% of China’s economy.

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Q2. Consumers in China are trading up. In the recent years, premium beer and luxury cars have seen better sales than their lower-end counterparts.
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Source: JD Finance (analysis of 266,060 baijiu drinkers’ purchases on, Bloomberg. Based on market share by price per bottle. Price for low to mid range less than 300 yuan and high end is more than 300 yuan.

Chinese consumers are accepting higher prices and buying premium products across a whole range of categories. Baijiu (or white liquor) drinkers are ditching the low-mid range varieties for high-end flavours.

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