2020 mid-year outlook Investing in a new landscape

How can investors look beyond the downturn to anticipate the shape of the post-COVID-19 recovery?

01 Jul 2020

2020 mid-year outlook webinar

A short, sharp shock or prolonged pain?

We look at ways the pandemic is re-shaping economies and discuss changes to our 5-year Capital Market Assumptions.

2020 mid-year outlook webinar

Reflection, recession, recovery

We are witness to fiscal expenditures that normally only arise in wartime, despite no reduction in the productive asset base

Barry Gill, Head of Investments

2020 mid-year webinar

Plotting the path to recovery

… our base case, given that uncertainty, is for a gradual, uneven economic recovery … Consumer spending recovers, but fails to eclipse pre-COVID-19 levels.

Evan Brown, Head of Multi-Asset Strategy
Ryan Primmer, Head of Investment Solutions

Emerging markets 2020 mid-year outlook

China plus one strategy

Many companies are however looking at a ‘China plus one’ strategy, hence China will likely continue to be both an important production base and final market for companies. South-East Asia and India are potential beneficiaries of the ‘plus one’ strategy, and we’ll likely see more reshoring to North America, Korea or Japan.

Geoffrey Wong, Head of Emerging Markets and Asia-Pacific Equities

2020 mid-year outlook

Changes to 5-year return assumptions

Along with bouts of volatility and normal rotations of performance, we need to prepare for regime shifts that alter some fundamental relationships in the markets.

Louis D. Finney, Co-Head of Strategic Asset Allocation Modeling
Michele Gambera, Co-Head of Strategic Asset Allocation Modeling

2020 mid-year outlook

ESG – is a rebalancing needed?

The COVID-19 crisis has also helped shine a light on the social purpose of asset management not only to safeguard and grow our clients’ assets but to vigorously represent them to make the companies in which we invest more responsible, better managed and more successful. That is the power of engagement that we are seeing today

Bruno Bertocci, Head of the Global Sustainable Equities team
Michael Baldinger, Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing

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