Investment outlook 2020 Unexpected outcomes, potential opportunities

Will the results of the US election surprise investors? What are the other unexpected events for 2020?

28 Nov 2019

Investment outlook 2020

Surprise 1: Trade war truce

Opportunity: Equities, especially emerging market equities

A comprehensive trade deal agreement between the US and China may reignite the global manufacturing cycle.

A trade agreement could potentially boost equities, particularly in emerging markets

Investment outlook 2020

Surprise 2: Climate disaster

Opportunity: Carbon footprint related sustainable investment strategies

A mega-storm hits a major metropolitan area, a glacier collapse disrupts EU business, regional droughts threaten the food supply.

Investors can be part of the solution through sustainable investment strategies that engage with companies to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

Investment outlook 2020

Surprise 3: War in the Middle East

Opportunity: Upstream energy and oil service stocks or alternative energy

If tensions escalate to war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, oil facilities in the Gulf region could be devastated.

This scenario could force a realization that autonomy and electrification of the vehicle fleet is further away than thought, and could boost upstream energy and oil services stocks and/or alternative energy.

Investment outlook 2020

Surprise 4: Surprise in US election

Opportunity: Underweight US stocks

US election results could set the stage for sweeping changes in US economic policy and domestic regulation.

Many investors may consider underweighting US stocks vs. the rest of the world

Investment outlook 2020

Surprise 5: Stimulus in Eurozone

Opportunity: European equities

Germany agrees to engage in fiscal stimulus to offset the waning benefits of monetary policy.

A major stimulus program could help to ignite value within European equities vs. European sovereign debt

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