Behind O’Connor’s Event-Driven hedge fund approach

Blake Hiltabrand is the co-manager of merger arbitrage and event driven strategies. Together with  Joe Newell, they have been managing these strategies since 2005.

05 Mar 2021

Blake outlines three core areas within O’Connor’s event driven approach:

    1. Merger arbitrage: takes advantage of the market’s mispricing of risk around transactions
    2. Capital structure arbitrage: takes advantage of differences in risks as assessed by credit markets and equity markets.
    3. Special Purpose Acquisition Companies trading: a relatively new strategy. Investing in SPACs is an arbitrage opportunity too.

    Blake Hiltabrand

    Head of Merger Arbitrage Research and Senior Portfolio Manager, O'Connor

    Blake co-manages the merger arbitrage strategy at UBS O'Connor as Head of Merger Arbitrage Research and Senior Portfolio Manager. He is currently a member of the UBS O'Connor Management and Capital Allocation Teams as well as a member of the UBS Asset Management Chicago Leadership Team.

    Prior to joining O’Connor in 2007, Blake was an Assistant Portfolio Manager at Deephaven Capital and Amaranth Advisors LLP.

    Blake was also previously an Associate and Senior Analyst at Goldman Sachs in their equity division primarily focusing on event driven research.

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