How does O’Connor generate alpha in credit hedge fund strategies?

Casey Talbot, Head of Fixed Income, gives an overview of O’connor’s credit approach and the core components that make the strategy effective.

05 Mar 2021

We look across the credit spectrum and dynamically allocate capital where we see the best opportunities and risk-adjusted returns

Casey is responsible for credit strategies at O’Connor. Credit strategies have core to the firm’s global multi-strategy portfolio and an asset class O’Connor has invested in for over 20 years.

As a hedge fund manager, O’Connor sees opportunities in credit is because its an asset class dominated by long-only liability managers (pension funds, insurance companies and long-only mutual funds).

This provides more relative value opportunities for O’Connor, as these investors have a very different utility curve and can only go long. In addition, there are very few dedicated hedge funds in credit that can take advantage of these opportunities.


Casey Talbot

Head of Fixed Income, O'Connor

Casey is primarily responsible for Fixed Income Strategies.

Prior to joining O'Connor, he was employed at Deutsche Bank, where he was a member of the US Sales Executive Committee, responsible for Credit Sales (2010–2013). 

Before joining Deutsche Bank, Casey worked at Bank of America, where he was responsible for Equities, Fixed Income and Futures for the Midwest regions, where he also ran US Structured Credit Sales (2007–2010).

In the years preceding Bank of America, he was with UBS Investment Bank from (1999–2007) where he held various positions in the Fixed Income Sales group including Managing Director Head of Credit Sales for the Midwest region.

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