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Merger arbitrage is gaining traction. What type of deals should investors focus on?

30 May 2018

Given recent excitement in the merger arbitrage space, we are pleased to bring you a new video from O'Connor's merger arbitrage investment team. Get to know our people, approach and outlook.

O'Connor has managed a merger arbitrage strategy since the launch of the flagship multi-strategy fund in 2000 and has navigated various market environments, including the global financial crisis of 2008-2009.

Our edge:

  • Experience. Substantial experience evaluating the M&A opportunity set with an average of 24 years industry experience1
  • Resources. Leverage insights and skills of approximately 60 investment professionals across O'Connor, creating a collaborative environment to enhance trade expression2
  • Industry-leading risk management. Rigorous and dynamic deal-grading framework systematizes exposure to transactions with differing risk levels

At UBS O'Connor, we continue to believe the opportunity set for merger arbitrage is robust given recent tax reform in the US, global synchronous growth and strong activity in Europe.

Will M&A deals continue into 2018?

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