2021 China equities outlook in the Year of the Ox

Bin Shi, Head of China equities talks about the 2021 outlook for China and China equities. Will China equities still be in favour in the year of the Ox?

10 Feb 2021

3 quotable quotes from Bin

We will continue to be positive on consumer sectors because these are the sectors where we are seeing the biggest changes happening

China continues to be the major economy in terms of growth, continues to lead the world for structural changes … so that’s why we believe that Chinese equities is not going to be just very positive for 2020, for 2021 and probably will continue to be a very attractive asset class for the next five to 10 years

The Chinese government is also … focused on carbon neutrality by 2050 so to reach that they have laid out detailed plans … which is why electric vehicle and also solar industries have seen significant interest recently and we think that will most likely continue for the next five to ten years

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