Street view What our emerging markets team saw in China

Travel notes from our emerging markets research team

10 Sep 2017

Our emerging markets team went on a research trip to China. They tested out the latest drones, saw first hand the cashless society that China has become and was shown a cooker that can download receipes from the internet and automatically cooks the dish. What else did they discover?

These research trips are important to our investment process. It's one thing to study the financials of companies and do desktop research. But, there's no substitute for on-site research. You get another perspective during these trips.

Visiting the factories, walking around the shop space, talking to the management, their customers and vendors allow the team and me to test if the assumptions in our valuation models are likely to be achieved.

This time, our meetings included various manufacturers – drone, home appliances, industrial machinery departmental stores, internet companies and after-school education centres.

What insights did they uncover?

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