But can influencers in Switzerland really afford to live the high life? Influencers typically earn 1% of their follower count in francs, or so the myth goes. But actually it’s not quite that simple. According to Tanja Herrmann, founder of the marketing agency WebStages, influencers in Switzerland with a follower count of 5,000 earn between CHF 150 and CHF 2,000 for a paid post. But even those with only 1,500 followers can expect to receive a payment in kind. Herrmann estimates that around ten percent of influencers in Switzerland live off only what they earn from advertising.

The Swiss influencers with the most fans on Instagram

  • Nicocapone: 12 320 208
  • Dean Schneider: 11 001 357
  • Pamela Alexandra: 5 430 018
  • RICH NANA: 3 933 320

Statista, January 2024

While international Instagram stars pose on yachts and exercise on diamond-studded yoga mats – making the world a better place as they do so – life is a little more mundane for Swiss influencers. To get rich from your posts, you need to break through on the world stage. “If you focus only on the Swiss market, you can certainly earn enough to live on. But to get rich, you need to build an international community. When trying to gain a foothold in Germany, for example, influencers should understand that Germany is nine times bigger, meaning you also have nine times more competition,” explains Herrmann.

The accusation that influencers are not good role models has been leveled at nearly every internet celebrity. But the reality is sometimes different. Most influencers we hear about in the media often have very little to do with the reality of the influencer market. “Those who support charities encourage their community to vote or otherwise draw attention to important social issues are frequently ignored by the press,” states Hermann.

A career as an influencer

Tanja Herrmann advises all those who want to pursue a career as an influencer not to be discouraged by criticism: “But be aware that as an influencer you are also an entrepreneur. In addition to creativity, you also need discipline, perseverance, business acumen and technical flair to keep up with all the updates on social media and your own website. There’s always more to it than meets the eye.”

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