Send and receive money even faster

You’re out with friends and want to divide the bill between you? But you don’t have enough cash with you to pay your share. What to do? You can borrow the money from one of your friends. And then pay them back directly, using your smartphone.

Send and receive money immediately with UBS TWINT

With UBS TWINT you can send, request and receive money safely – and entirely free of charge. With the help of the app you can pay your friend back the amount you borrowed on the night in seconds. It doesn’t matter where you have your account. Even if you are not a UBS client, you can use TWINT with the aid of your credit card.

To pay, you don’t even need to give the account number of the recipient. Instead after opening the app simply enter the desired amount. Then click on your friend’s name along with the associated mobile number in your contacts list. Or you type in the number.

Then just confirm the payment. Seconds later the money is already in the registered account. Does your colleague not have the app installed yet? No problem. If this is the case, he receives an SMS with the advice that a payment is pending. He also receives information as to how he can easily install the app.

The system is just as safe as mobile banking. Among TWINT’s other advantages is the recorded, monthly payment limit. Thus you always have your budget under control. You are also able to make cashless payments with TWINT in the first shops and can also already pay with TWINT in the first shops and bars.

However, with the new app you don’t just send cash in seconds. You can also request payments. Suppose you yourself have advanced some money. But your colleague has forgotten to pay you back. With a few clicks you can remind him of the debt.

The kicker: you can include the amount lent in the reminder. Your friend then just needs to confirm the request. And soon the money is in your account or on your credit card.


The app for sending and requesting money. For everyone. Free of charge. Even without a UBS account.

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